Real Estate, Planning & Construction, Preservation

A main part of Gideon Koren & Co.’s practice is the real-estate field. The firm, among other things, represents clients in complex international real-estate transactions, including transactions involving assets in several different countries. The firm’s legal team has vast knowledge in the field and the firm implements it as part of the firm’s principal perception to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary services to its clients.

Another unique field the firm specializes in is the preservation of structures and sites. Advocate Gideon Koren acts as the legal counsel for the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites – the leading Israeli institution dealing with the preservation and legal protection of historical structures.

This field, which is close to Advocate Gideon Koren’s heart, is also expressed in his voluntary position as chairman of the Israeli chapter of ICOMOS – International Counsel on Monuments and Sites, an association advising UNESCO on matters regarding the inclusion of sites in the World Heritage List. Among other things, Advocate Koren represent Israel as a member on the Executive committee of ICOMOS international, and is the chairman of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for legal, fiscal and management matters of ICOMOS international.