Practice Areas

  • International Commercial Law & Corporate Law

    Gideon Koren & Co.’s legal team is highly experienced in all aspects of commercial law, and provides its clients with legal guidance on every aspect of their operations, including establishing the entity and founders agreements, negotiations on finance issues and the company formation, option plans and agreements, and share issuance on various platforms (TASE, NASDAQ).

    The firm provides legal counseling on diverse legal matters and different types of transactions-

    -Mergers and acquisitions

    -Multinational transactions

    -Stock purchase agreements

    -Founders agreements

    -Investor representation

    -Legal guidance for public corporations

    In addition, the firm assists its clients in their contact with regulators and government ministries relevant to their business activities.

    Supplementary to its comprehensive familiarity with different fields of the Israeli law, business and government, Gideon Koren & Co. offers its clients the benefit of its attorneys’ abundant international experience, holding foreign licenses to practice law in the United States (New York, New Jersey, California and Florida) and in Europe (Switzerland, England and Wales).

    Gideon Koren & Co. maintains a wide net of contacts and close cooperation with leading law firms located in theUnited States, the European Union and other countries, allowing its clients to enjoy a convenient support system for their business and commercial activities abroad as an integral part of the legal services provided by the firm.

    In the field of commercial arrangements the firm has accumulated experience over many years of legal counseling for local and foreign clients on complex commercial transactions and arrangements, and offers comprehensive counseling services on all aspects and phases of business transactions – from negotiation processes through forming and formulating arrangements and enforcing them. In cases of breach of contract, the firm thoroughly and decisively represents its clients either as plaintiffs or respondents before all relevant legal venues.

    The firm is distinguished in the field of Licensing and Distribution. As part of the comprehensive legal representation provided by the firm, the firm’s attorneys offer companies legal counseling on matters of licensing and distribution, including agency arrangements, distribution agreements, licensing and more.

    As an expert in the field, the firm’s founder, Advocate Gideon Koren, was invited to write a chapter regarding Licensing and Distribution in Israel, which was published in the book Israeli Business Law, an Essential Guide by the publisher Kluwer Law International.

  • Intellectual Property, Commercial & Business Secrets, Commercial Reputation

    Protecting all aspects of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks, designs, patents and reputation), registering and licensing intellectual property and its commercial realization are all critical issues for many of our firm’s clients.

    Gideon Koren & Co. provides professional advice for its clients within this complex field of practice, as part of the firm’s One Stop Shop approach.

    The firm specializes in all of the different aspects of intellectual property, and assists its clients in planning and managing their IP rights. The firm handles matters of intellectual property violation and misuse, and provides high-quality legal advice to help ensure optimal protection for the fruit of its client’s hard work.

    In addition, the firm advises its clients on proper use of third parties’ intellectual property. As part of its services within this field, Gideon Koren & Co. assists its clients with planning and executing complex transactions such as licensing, joint ventures, co-operation agreements and transactions requiring intellectual property acquisition.

  • Telecommunication & Communication Law

    Gideon Koren & Co. is one of Israel’s prominent law firms in the field of communication and telecommunication. The firm has been ranked by the international guide LEGAL 500 as one of the leading firms in the field of communication and media , and had been highly ranked by the BDI – CODE guide as well.

    The firm provided legal advice for many years to one of the leading and well known television and production corporates in Israel, as well as many other telecommunication companies, both local and foreign.

    The firm provides counseling on all legal aspects of commercial television, local radio broadcasts, and web content matters. The counseling includes, among other things,  ongoing commercial activities, including, program and television channel licensing, production agreements, agreements with international studios, and various business conflicts. The firm also represents companies in the aforementioned matters before the courts and various relevant regulators.

    The firm has represented entities, concessionaires, and companies in the production and broadcasted media field in many high profile cases, including issues regarding defamation, violation of privacy and protection of copyright and property rights in television programs.

    Adv. Gideon Koren, is Israel’s representative in the IFLA association (International Format Lawyers Association), an organization uniting attorneys who specialize in issues relating to television and intellectual property, which acts for the protection of various television formats.

  • Cyberlaw, IT Law & Privacy Protection

    Gideon Koren & Co. has many years of experience in dealing with the legal aspects of online business activities and social networks. The firm has expertise in the fields of Computers and Internet Law (Cyberlaw), and advises on the legal consequences of the implementation and integration of new technologies.

    The legal advice we give clients in this area includs , among other things, the formulation and adjustment of Terms of Use, licenses and conditions for the use of websites tailored to the specific needs of each client, building a Legal framework for privacy protection including Terms of Use for privacy protection , guidance regarding registration of databases, advice on direct mail and mailing publications through e-mail and other communication systems , and more.

    In addition, the firm accompanies startups and Internet projects from their foundation stages, founding agreements and shareholders agreements, through ongoing operations and capital fundraising, and up until the IPO stage.

    The firm has experience representing clients in Court and before Certification Authorities and registrars of domain names regarding the violation of copyrights and trademarks on the Internet, and on the publication of defamatory material on online platforms (Facebook, talkbacks, forums, etc.).

  • Litigation & Arbitration

    Litigation is the heart and soul of the law practice, bringing together the commercial aspects, the clients’ desires and the battle for justice. Gideon Koren & Co. has acquired years of experience in litigation and legal deliberations, based on representing hundreds of cases before all legal venues in the Israeli court system, including the Supreme Court.

    The firm has been ranked by the international guide  LEGAL 500 as one of the leading firms in  Israel in the field of litigation.

    The firm’s attorneys have led countless complex cases receiving vast professional and public attention both in commercial and civil matters, including cases with constitutional importance brought before the Supreme Court.

    In addition to the comprehensive practice of litigation, Advocate Gideon Koren has acquired many years of experience in arbitration through dozens of commercial arbitrations, including high-profile cases. Advocate Gideon Koren has been practicing arbitration for many years. Among others, Advocate Koren performed as a lecturer for arbitration in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Law, and he is the author of a comprehensive chapter dealing with the Israeli Law of Arbitration, published in the book Israeli Business Law, an Essential Guide published by Kluwer Law.

    Due to his rich experience in this field, Advocate Koren performs as an arbitrator in proceedings which are run by corporations, organizations and businessmen.

  • Constitutional & Administrative Law, Regulation

    Along the years, Gideon Koren & Co. has acquired rich and versatile experience in representing administrative and public petitions, and the firm had been ranked highly in this field by Dun’s 100 – the ranking of the leading companies in Israel. In addition, the firm accumulated vast experience in appealing against the results of public tenders, and objecting to decisions of various governmental tender committees.

    Moreover, during its years of work in the field, the firm was involved in ground breaking cases which have become the cornerstones of the Israeli constitutional law, including –

    • A verdict recognizing a suspect’s rights to browse investigation material, even before an indictment has been issued;
    • A verdict in the widely recognized case of “Tal Law” (a controversial bill enabling the continuation of the exempts to Yeshiva members from mandatory military service);
    • An appeal to the Israeli High Court of Justice on behalf of the current affairs investigation TV program “Uvda” regarding the broadcast of an investigation of the incitement preceding the assassination of the Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, a precedential verdict determining standards for the broadcasting of a reporter investigation and for the freedom of the press;
    • A verdict determining standards for local counsels’ consideration in limiting non-kosher meat distribution within their defined area;
    • etc.

    In the administrative field of practice, Gideon Koren & Co. is characterized with a modern and pluralistic point of view, “thinking outside the box” and pursuing justice, in accordance with the firm’s legal expertise in the field.

    The administrative and constitutional field complements the firm’s extensive activity in commercial law and is integrated within it. The said combination enables the office to harness the rich professional knowledge and experience gained in representing public petitioners, for the benefit of the business customer and vice-versa. The objective of all this is to give customers a comprehensive and thorough service to an optimal extent.

    Furthermore, the firm often deals with regulatory matters, and holds an in-depth knowledge, expertise and many years of experience in representing clients before various regulatory authorities. The firm has represented clients before the Second Authority for Television and Radio – the public authority for regulating commercial broadcasts in Israel ; the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting council ; the Director of Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Department within the Ministry of Finance ; the Ministry of Health ; the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development ; the Office of the Chief Scientist ; the Israel Antitrust Authority ; the Israel Securities Authority, etc.

  • High Tech, Bio Tech & Life Sciences

    Gideon Koren & Co. provides legal advice on different aspects of high-tech transactions, including protecting and regulating intellectual property, acquiring operation licenses from governmental authorities, advising clients on formulating and termination of local and international licensing and distribution arrangements (and their termination when the time comes), joint development and outsourcing, etc.

    The firm’s involvement in such transactions is all-inclusive and includes assistance on negotiations for commercial terms, formulating business agreements, creating financial arrangements, advising on legal aspects of issuing possibilities and more.

    The firm’s attorneys are highly experienced in deliberations and formulating arrangements concerning medical equipment and bio-tech. Among other activities in the field, the firm has acted as legal adviser for start-up companies, entrepreneurship companies, and for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, and All while providing guidance from the establishment phases, through counseling on the management of financial needs and legal support, as well as obtaining licenses to distribute products worldwide.

    Advocate Meir Fuchs, a partner at Gideon Koren & Co., is considered one of the well known and highly respected Israeli attorneys in the high-tech and life sciences practice, and has been representing companies within this field since the mid 90’s. Advocate Fuchs has dealt with several IPO’s and public offerings of Israeli companies on NASDAQ, and with many private placements. Advocate Fuchs is an expert in the counseling of start-up companies and founders of these companies from their inception, up to and including execution of rounds of funding from private sources (angels), from technology incubators and venture capital funds, both Israeli and foreign. Advocate Fuchs also addresses the establishment of appropriate systems towards public IPOs in Israel and abroad.

  • Private Wealth Management, Inheritance & Multinational Estate

    The world is becoming one small global village. People live in one country and work in another, manage a bank account in a third country and hold stocks in foreign companies. This globalization often raises complex legal issues pertaining to the planing of inheritances and estates.

    Gideon Koren & Co. has expertise in inheritance law, with special expertise in multinational estates, in cases where the deceased had owned property in different countries and where different legal systems and different laws apply.

    Today, a growing part of estates in Israel involve international aspects, and wills which do not correspond to these international considerations could result in a different division of the property than was intended by the decedent, or non-compliance of the decedent’s last will and testament.

    On these matters, the firm provides preliminary advice regarding the planning of local and international inheritance and the implications of international private law on inheritance.

    Advocate Gideon Koren has served as founder and the first chairman of the Jerusalem branch of STEP – the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners, and actively lectures on the matter as part of an international trusts diploma program.

    In addition, Advocate Koren had been elected as a leading attorney by CityWealth international directory for wealth, capital funds and private wealth management.

  • Labor Law

    Gideon Koren & Co. has vast experience in all aspects of Israeli Labor Law, including employment agreements, negotiations on collective labor agreements and representing clients before local and national labor courts.

    The firm has performed as legal counsel for one of the largest Israeli workers’ organizations for many years. The firm provides day-to-day legal advice to many companies on matters of human working forces, holding hearings, labor agreements with junior and senior workers, employee option plans and agreements, and the implications of labor law on business transactions conducted by the firm’s clients.

    Advocate Gideon Koren is the author of a chapter concerning labor law in Israel, which was published in a book on labor law around the world, as part of an international series of books published by Global Law & Business.

  • Family Law & Personal Status

    Gideon Koren & Co. is one of the leading law firms in the field of Family Law and Personal Status. The firm has comprehensive knowledge and experience in a variety of issues concerning Family Law, offering representation before all jurisdictions relevant to these matters, including the Family Law courts and religious tribunals (Rabbinical courts, etc).

    The firm guides its clients through negotiations, deliberations, settling family disputes, and specializes in formulating prenuptial agreements and other similar agreements, marriage, separation and divorce agreements, common-law marriage agreements and wills. The firm’s comprehensive legal services are accompanied by experts and therapists in order to provide optimal support for the clients’ needs and objectives.

    The firm’s family law team is experienced in reaching settlements on one hand, and on the other, in representing all sides of a family dispute before or outside the courts.

    The firm’s goal is to efficiently and quickly resolve disputes while attempting to minimize the anguish caused to the parties in such matters as much as possible.

    The guidance and legal counseling provided to the firm’s clients on the matters of family law, include, among other things –

    • Wills and inheritor rights
    • Divorce
    • Guardianship and Custody
    • Visitation arrangements
    • Property division
    • Parental issues
    • International child abduction
    • International and local enforcement of judgments
  • Real Estate, Planning & Construction, Preservation

    A main part of Gideon Koren & Co.’s practice is the real-estate field. The firm, among other things, represents clients in complex international real-estate transactions, including transactions involving assets in several different countries. The firm’s legal team has vast knowledge in the field and the firm implements it as part of the firm’s principal perception to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary services to its clients.

    Another unique field the firm specializes in is the preservation of structures and sites. Advocate Gideon Koren acts as the legal counsel for the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites – the leading Israeli institution dealing with the preservation and legal protection of historical structures.

    This field, which is close to Advocate Gideon Koren’s heart, is also expressed in his voluntary position as chairman of the Israeli chapter of ICOMOS – International Counsel on Monuments and Sites, an association advising UNESCO on matters regarding the inclusion of sites in the World Heritage List. Among other things, Advocate Koren represent Israel as a member on the Executive committee of ICOMOS international, and is the chairman of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for legal, fiscal and management matters of ICOMOS international.

  • Legal Aspects of Financial Services

    The complexity of the system of laws and regulations concerning various financial services offered to the public, pension funds and provident funds, combined with the complexities of the regulatory system responsible for these services within the Ministry of finance, call for a unique specialty in dealing with these services. Such specific knowledge and expertise are necessary in order to gain control and understanding of the situation, enabling proper personal or business related conduct in these matters.

    Gideon Koren & Co. performed as legal counsel and acquired extensive experience in representing provident funds and pension funds (both new and senior ones) and  while advising them on their ongoing management. The firm’s legal team is also personally acquainted with the Israeli capital market arena and players.

    The vast resources and personal acquaintances gained by the firm enables Gideon Koren & Co. to offer specialized hand tailored legal advice on matters relating to provident funds and pension funds, including profound understanding of the regulations in the field.

    The intimate familiarity with the operations of these financial institutions enables the firm to represent organized bodies (such as workers’ committees) before pension funds, aiming to protect their members’ pension rights, to ensure the financial institutions’ proper conduct, as well as following issues of conflicts of interest and more.

  • Antitrust Law

    Gideon Koren & Co. provides legal counseling on matters of antitrust law, and has acquired in-depth understanding and knowledge of this field of practice, as a result of many years of legal advice to Israeli communication and broadcasting institutions on these matters.

    The firm assists its clients on operations within the antitrust field, including representation before the Israeli Antitrust Authority and all relevant legal authorities. The firm’s legal services include, among others, attaining exemptions from restrictive agreements, alignment of arrays for regulation, pre-ruling possibilities on matters concerning mergers, applying for merger approvals from the Antitrust Authority (including exceptions), and general representation before the Israel Antitrust Authority’s General Director.