About GKL

Gideon Koren & Co. is a leading Israeli law firm. The firm was rated by the international guide LEGAL 500 as one of the leading firms in Israel, and gained a high rank given to it by Dun’s 100 – the ranking of Israel’s leading companies. The firm has also been highly rated by BDI – CODE and the international Citywealth guide.

The firm provides a wide range of legal services with the highest professional standards, relying on its partners who are all attorneys with experience and expertise in their field, and close to a half of them also hold a license to practice law in the U.S. and Europe. The firm has offices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Rehovot.

The firm combines expertise in various areas of law with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the regulatory authorities in Israel, as well as the business environment, to provide clients with superior legal services in Israel and abroad. In addition, clients benefit from the emphasis on the international aspects and the firm provides support for the activities of Israeli companies overseas and foreign companies in Israel.

The uniqueness and power of the firm derive from experience, expertise, proven legal capabilities and from the ability to provide legal services to its clients in the form of a “One Stop Shop” which characterizes large firms, while still providing personal support for each client by the firm’s partners and building a special relationship of trust between the attorney and the client. Among other things, the legal interests of our clients are fully and closely represented by the firm’s partners, which adds a sense of personal commitment to the clients.

Our clients enjoy close, comprehensive and personal legal accompaniment by the firm’s staff, comprised of first class attorneys with extensive legal knowledge in many areas. The firm’s attorneys have the client’s best interests and needs in mind, and devote their uttermost most attention and resources to treat every client individually.

Our firm has extensive experience in complex litigation and Class Actions. This experience has accumulated over many years of litigation before all legal venues. The firm’s attorneys have led complex legal cases, which have garnered considerable professional and public attention both in commercial matters and civil matters, as well as in matters of constitutional importance which were discussed in the Israel Supreme Court of Justice.

Our firm provides high standard of professional legal advice on international transactions between Israeli and foreign companies from different areas around the world, and specializes in providing legal guidance to many foreign law firms located in the United States, England and Wales, Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Lichtenstein and Luxemburg.

We have many years of expertise in the hi-tech and life science fields, having represented both entrepreneurs and investors in numerous transactions, in multi-million Dollar investment agreements, IP licensing agreements, research and development co-operations, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Our firm maintains personal and commercial relations with many institutions around the world, including among others, investment funds, foreign law firms and accounting firms. Our firm also maintains a special relationship with the World Bank, for which we carry out studies on business activities inIsrael in different commercial fields.

Among our clients are private companies and institutes, both local and foreign, for which we provide legal services in many languages, among others, English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Czech. Our international operations are bolstered by our legal team, composed of many attorneys licensed to practice law in other countries in addition to Israel, including among others, the United States, the European Union and others.

We assist our clients on carrying out transactions locally and abroad, and provide representation and legal advice on a wide range of issues, including –

– Intellectual Property

– Communication and Telecommunication Law

– Commercial agreements and complex transactions

– Inernet Law (Cyberlaw)

– Corporate Law

– International Commercial law

– High-Tec, Bio-Tec and Life Sciences

– Administrative Law

– Antitrust Law

– Labor Law

– Real-estate, planning and construction and preservation

– Personal status and Family Law (including Inheritance Law and -Marriage and Divorce Laws)

– Investments, asset planning and betterment

– Advice in financial services (such as provident funds and pension funds)

At Gideon Koren & Co. we value the importance of serving the community. We provide pro bono services to non-profit organizations operating for the benefit of the Israeli society and new immigrants (‘olim’).