Private Wealth Management, Inheritance & Multinational Estate

The world is becoming one small global village. People live in one country and work in another, manage a bank account in a third country and hold stocks in foreign companies. This globalization often raises complex legal issues pertaining to the planing of inheritances and estates.

Gideon Koren & Co. has expertise in inheritance law, with special expertise in multinational estates, in cases where the deceased had owned property in different countries and where different legal systems and different laws apply.

Today, a growing part of estates in Israel involve international aspects, and wills which do not correspond to these international considerations could result in a different division of the property than was intended by the decedent, or non-compliance of the decedent’s last will and testament.

On these matters, the firm provides preliminary advice regarding the planning of local and international inheritance and the implications of international private law on inheritance.

Advocate Gideon Koren has served as founder and the first chairman of the Jerusalem branch of STEP – the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners, and actively lectures on the matter as part of an international trusts diploma program.

In addition, Advocate Koren had been elected as a leading attorney by CityWealth international directory for wealth, capital funds and private wealth management.