Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation is the heart and soul of the law practice, bringing together the commercial aspects, the clients’ desires and the battle for justice. Gideon Koren & Co. has acquired years of experience in litigation and legal deliberations, based on representing hundreds of cases before all legal venues in the Israeli court system, including the Supreme Court.

The firm has been ranked by the international guide  LEGAL 500 as one of the leading firms in  Israel in the field of litigation.

The firm’s attorneys have led countless complex cases receiving vast professional and public attention both in commercial and civil matters, including cases with constitutional importance brought before the Supreme Court.

In addition to the comprehensive practice of litigation, Advocate Gideon Koren has acquired many years of experience in arbitration through dozens of commercial arbitrations, including high-profile cases. Advocate Gideon Koren has been practicing arbitration for many years. Among others, Advocate Koren performed as a lecturer for arbitration in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Law, and he is the author of a comprehensive chapter dealing with the Israeli Law of Arbitration, published in the book Israeli Business Law, an Essential Guide published by Kluwer Law.

Due to his rich experience in this field, Advocate Koren performs as an arbitrator in proceedings which are run by corporations, organizations and businessmen.