Legal Aspects of Financial Services

The complexity of the system of laws and regulations concerning various financial services offered to the public, pension funds and provident funds, combined with the complexities of the regulatory system responsible for these services within the Ministry of finance, call for a unique specialty in dealing with these services. Such specific knowledge and expertise are necessary in order to gain control and understanding of the situation, enabling proper personal or business related conduct in these matters.

Gideon Koren & Co. performed as legal counsel and acquired extensive experience in representing provident funds and pension funds (both new and senior ones) and ¬†while advising them on their ongoing management. The firm’s legal team is also personally acquainted with the Israeli capital market arena and players.

The vast resources and personal acquaintances gained by the firm enables Gideon Koren & Co. to offer specialized hand tailored legal advice on matters relating to provident funds and pension funds, including profound understanding of the regulations in the field.

The intimate familiarity with the operations of these financial institutions enables the firm to represent organized bodies (such as workers’ committees) before pension funds, aiming to protect their members’ pension rights, to ensure the financial institutions’ proper conduct, as well as following issues of conflicts of interest and more.