International Commercial Law & Corporate Law

Gideon Koren & Co.’s legal team is highly experienced in all aspects of commercial law, and provides its clients with legal guidance on every aspect of their operations, including establishing the entity and founders agreements, negotiations on finance issues and the company formation, option plans and agreements, and share issuance on various platforms (TASE, NASDAQ).

The firm provides legal counseling on diverse legal matters and different types of transactions-

-Mergers and acquisitions

-Multinational transactions

-Stock purchase agreements

-Founders agreements

-Investor representation

-Legal guidance for public corporations

In addition, the firm assists its clients in their contact with regulators and government ministries relevant to their business activities.

Supplementary to its comprehensive familiarity with different fields of the Israeli law, business and government, Gideon Koren & Co. offers its clients the benefit of its attorneys’ abundant international experience, holding foreign licenses to practice law in the United States (New York, New Jersey, California and Florida) and in Europe (Switzerland, England and Wales).

Gideon Koren & Co. maintains a wide net of contacts and close cooperation with leading law firms located in theUnited States, the European Union and other countries, allowing its clients to enjoy a convenient support system for their business and commercial activities abroad as an integral part of the legal services provided by the firm.

In the field of commercial arrangements the firm has accumulated experience over many years of legal counseling for local and foreign clients on complex commercial transactions and arrangements, and offers comprehensive counseling services on all aspects and phases of business transactions – from negotiation processes through forming and formulating arrangements and enforcing them. In cases of breach of contract, the firm thoroughly and decisively represents its clients either as plaintiffs or respondents before all relevant legal venues.

The firm is distinguished in the field of Licensing and Distribution. As part of the comprehensive legal representation provided by the firm, the firm’s attorneys offer companies legal counseling on matters of licensing and distribution, including agency arrangements, distribution agreements, licensing and more.

As an expert in the field, the firm’s founder, Advocate Gideon Koren, was invited to write a chapter regarding Licensing and Distribution in Israel, which was published in the book Israeli Business Law, an Essential Guide by the publisher Kluwer Law International.